Child Nutrition
Salt Lake City School District

995 W. Beardsley Place (2480 S.)

Office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 801.974.8380
Fax: 801.974.8390


Elementary Schools and Managers
Backman Elementary School Brenda Benavidez 801-578-8103
Beacon Heights Elementary School Danielle George

Bennion Elementary School Anmarla Spencer 801-578-8112
Bonneville Elementary School Kathy Iversen 801-584-2915
Dilworth Elementary School Tiffany Bozarth 801-481-4808
Edison Elementary School Irma Gonzalez 801-974-8303
Emerson Elementary School Elizabeth Rios 801-481-4821
Ensign Elementary School Cindy Guanajuato 801-578-8152
Escalante Elementary School Melissa Lucero 801-578-8527
Franklin Elementary School Ruby Urbina 801-578-8160
Hawthorne Elementary School Angela Bishop 801-481-4826
Highland Park Elementary School Barbara Pecoraro-McDonnell 801-481-4836
Indian Hills Elementary School Carrie Sackett 801-584-2911
Jackson Elementary School Lori Wiley 801-578-8167
Lincoln Elementary School Beatrice Alonso 801-578-8185
Meadowlark Elementary School Angela Spencer 801-578-8531
Mountain View Elementary School Jennifer Holdaway 801-974-8317
Newman Elementary School Yendris Alzola-Rodriguez 801-578-8540
North Star Elementary School Wendy Norton 801-578-8438
Parkview Elementary School Karem Muro 801-974-8308
Riley Elementary School Glenda Farmer 801-974-8314
Rose Park Elementary School Tara Scarpino 801-578-8556
Uintah Elementary School Sarah Hoyt 801-584-2943
Wasatch Elementary School Summer Velasquez 801-578-8567
Washington Elementary School Eddy Sanchez 801-578-8143
Whittier Elementary School Rose Skuppin 801-487-1624
K-8 Schools
Nibley Park School Carmen Segura 801-481-4844
Middle Schools and Managers
Bryant Middle School Reyes Salazar 801-578-8122
Clayton Middle School Nicole Smith 801-481-4813
Glendale Middle School Deloris Parsons 801-974-8327
Hillside Middle School Lisa Boska

Northwest Middle School Dontaia Coffey 801-578-8551
Salt Lake Center for Science Education Maria Rodriguez Silva 801-578-8173
High Schools and Managers
East High School Ruth Flores 801-584-2922
Highland High School Luis Angel Morales Salazar 801-481-4883
Horizonte Instruction and Training Center Mindy Clark 801-578-8355
Innovations High School Bonnie Skuppin (Office at West High) 801-578-8603
West High School Janalee Gentry 801-578-8519

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