An entire list of guest speaker/field trip ideas provided by the state can be found in your MESA Advisor Handbook. Here are a few more ideas:

Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center

The Space Center is a unique and unparalleled experience that combines the fun of exploration and learning in a simulated futuristic adventure story. Take your students to Alpine School District and embark on a space mission in one of the center’s simulators. For more information, visit

Face of Fitness

Contact Chris Humbert at

  • Black Diamond: Take a factory tour of Black Diamond, engineers of ski and climbing equipment
  • Reynolds Cycling: Take a factory tour of Reynolds Cycling, engineers  of carbon fiber bicycle wheels
  • Rock Exotica Climbing: Take a tour of Rock Exotica Climbing, engineers of climbing equipment
  • Mountain Dell Four Week Program: Explore chemistry and its applications in the creation and the use of ski wax, the atmospheric sciences and the science of snow, nutrition for sports performance and a healthy lifestyle, and the engineering of ski equipment: carbon fiber boots, poles and skis
  • Soldier Hollow Day, Science & Skiing: Explore the chemistry of ski wax, learn about avalanche beacon technology, and go cross country skiing

Intermountain Healthcare Specialty Tours

High school students may sign up for tours of different areas at Salt Lake valley Intermountain Healthcare hospitals through their school’s Work-based Learning Coordinator.  Tours in the past have been in areas such as Radiology, Surgery, Labor & Delivery, Life Flight, Central Lab, Physical Therapy and several others.  There are usually around 6 to 10 tours per semester and each student may sign up for 1 tour per semester.  Each tour lasts for approximately one to two hours and may include some hands-on activities.  If you are interested in a career in healthcare but aren’t sure which area you would like to go into, this is a great way to explore the possibilities.  Students must be at least 14 years of age to attend. Contact Staci Warren at (801)442-2244 or

Star Parties

Visit the University of Utah Observatory or the Utah Museum of Natural History for a Star Party or they will bring telescopes to you and you can host your own Star Party. For more information, visit

University of Utah Field Trip

The Engineering Department at The University of Utah offers many opportunities for students: spend a day at the U - tour the facilities, visit classrooms, watch college students participate in labs, participate in activities, and experience the cutting-edge technology and research happening at the U. Contact Diedre Schoenfeld at (801) 581-8954 or

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