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International Pathways at Emerson Elementary School: ELP Two-way Immersion

Two-way Immersion provides two language groups (English and Spanish) with an opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate. Research shows that it takes 7-10 years in order to acquire proficiency in an additional language. The student’s first language is used to support the acquisition of their second; students learn to read, write and speak both languages. By using both languages equally, students stand strong, appreciating and bridging cultures while achieving academic success. Becoming proficient in both languages is recognized as a significant intellectual and cultural achievement which prepares students to be powerful contributors in our global society.

The purpose of the proposed Two-way Immersion ELP Program is:

  1. to better equip ELP students to fully participate in a global society as bilingual, biliterate and bicultural members
  2. to better serve high achieving Spanish speaking students
  3. to increase the number of Latino students represented in the magnet Extended Learning Program
  4. to better serve an increasing ELP student population

Instructional Model
• Instructional Schedule—50% in English and 50% in Spanish
• Specialized curriculum and instruction for advanced learners

Student Profile
You should consider your child for this program if several or most of the following describe him/her:

  • Understands new ideas with little effort
  • Has an excellent memory
  • Obsesses in an area of interest
  • Has a long attention span for some projects
  • Displays advanced reasoning abilities
  • Recognizes the humor in different situations
  • Has a high interest in books
  • Tends to prefer older companions
  • Advanced in one or more content areas
  • Insists on perfection
  • Displays an extensive vocabulary for age in his/her primary language

Guiding Principles of Instruction

  • Inquiry-based and problem-based instruction
    • Students study the core-curriculum through investigations, requiring them to use critical thinking skills in an effort to find answers to a designated problem.
  • Differentiated Instruction and curriculum for advanced learners
    • Pace of Instruction
    • Depth and complexity
    • Advanced curriculum
    • Appropriate instructional strategies for gifted learners
  • Instructional depth and complexity

Assessment Process
Contact the ELP Department to set up an appointment for testing: 801-578-8573


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