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Find the Salt Lake City School District's consensus maps for social studies. These maps identify student skills, knowledge, and understandings for each content area in grades 7-12.

Meeting the Utah Core Standards for Literacy in Social Studies/History

This link provides you with resources and materials to support you in developing your students' literacy in social studies/history.

Reading Like a Historian (or Geographer)

Stanford History Education Group is a fantastic web site that provides you with tools and strategies to help your students read like a historian. These strategies can easily be adapted to all social studies content areas and reflect the kinds of thinking and learning students must do to meet the literacy standards for social studies/history. You must create an account to access some of their materials, but it is free and very easy to sign up. Below are some great tools to get you started and that you can apply immediately and use with numerous types of texts.

Beyond the Bubble is developed by the Stanford History Education Group and draws on sources from the Library of Congress to offer easy-to-use assessments that demonstrate more authentically what students know and understand.

The Teaching Channel is another wonderful resource that provides video examples of teachers implementing teaching strategies, instruction, and more. Videos vary in length from short clips to full length and you can select videos by content,strategy, grade level and more. Some of the strategies from the Stanford History Education Group are also featured here as are materials used by the teachers featured in the clips, just search under videos, then social studies.

Primary and Secondary Source

This provides resources, documents, and links important to social studies curriculum, including theme based primary source document sets from the Library of Congress.

Curriculum Guides, Lessons, and Resources

This will link you to effective and free curriculum for students of all ages.

Elementary Teachers

While links on our Social Studies web site are relevant to teachers of all grade levels, this page provides supplemental information and resources specifically for teachers of elementary grades.

Helpful Links

This provides great information and resources for any content area.

Days to Remember

This features links and resources that support learning about significant days of each month.

Games and Interactive's

This takes you to great web-based interactive's for you to do with your students in class or for students to do at home.


Find printable maps, historic maps, and interactive maps on this page.

Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People

This is published annually by the NCSS. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to download or view all the released lists.

Publications and News

This link provides resources for news events dealing with past and present issues.

Teaching Resources for Checkout

Find a list of wonderful resources available for checkout including teacher guides, resources and student activities.


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