Department Role

The Translation Office provides written translations and verbal interpreting services to any and all individuals or groups within the Salt Lake City School District which require language assistance. Our goal is to help everyone understand each other when the language barrier interferes. Interpreting includes the major languages spoken by employees, students and family members in the school district community. American Sign Language interpreting is also available when needed. We strive to help our community members in any way possible, for meetings of any type that affect the functions of the school district and its departments, schools and community members. If you need assistance, please contact us at any time. If you have an urgent matter and cannot reach our office, please refer to the interpreter list to the right and call an interpreter for the language needed.

Personal Role

Bob's purpose as Translator Coordinator is to organize and coordinate the translation of all documents, the assignment of interpreters, and the preparation of multi-lingual communication services. He will help leaders, administrators, teachers and community members understand the nuances of translation/interpretation so that we can serve you well. Angelica, as the Translation Office Assistant, receives requests and sets appointments. She also translates documents and interprets for appointments in the district offices as needed.


There is a bulletin board up on the main floor as a reminder that the Translation Office is here to serve you.

SEP conferences will begin in September and run through October, 2016. Please get your requests to us quickly so that we can fill them appropriately.

Please contact Bob Muench via Email or phone to apply to work as an interpreter or translator for the school district.

Project Priorities

Early August: Interpreters for registration

During the School Year:

  • Translations
    • New Teacher Disclosures
    • School Calendars
    • Newsletters
  • Interpreters
    • Late Sept.-End of Oct: SEP conferences
    • IEP Meetings (always a high priority)
    • PTA/SCC Meetings
  • •Late Jan.-End of Feb: SEP conferences



Coordinator: Bob Muench - 801.578.8378 or fax: 801.578.8416

Assistant: Angelica Bolanos - 801.578.8624

Administrative Assistant: Louise Benzon - 801.578.8296

Website Translation Notice

The Salt Lake City School District utilizes Google Translate to quickly translate our website into different languages. However, the translations are not perfect and may contain errors, and some words or phrases may not be translated at all. Official translations are available when listed. If you need an official translation of a document, please Email Bob Muench or call our Translation Services Department at 801.578.8378.




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