Counselor Evaluation

There are many common elements between the Educator Collaborative Assessment Program (ECAP) and the Counselor Collaborative Assessment Program. Whenever anyone is utilizing the Counselor Collaborative Assessment Program, they should be using the ECAP handbook to supplement the materials listed below. The materials that follow are the elements particular to school counselors that differ from the Educator assessment materials. These differences include:

Counselor Evaluation Overview

Time line for Counselor Evaluations

Professional Growth Plans

Elementary Counselor Self Assessment - Action Plan

Secondary Counselor Self Assessment - Action Plan, MS Word Version


Counselor Monitoring Form Based on the standards of Comprehensive Guidance

Midyear Conference Form

Annual Evaluation Report - Annual Report for Provisional Counselors



Previous Counseling Evaluation Forms - Prior to 2013/14

  1. Elements of the domains (elementary and secondary are different)
  2. Fall Collaborative Conference (elementary and secondary are the same)
  3. Spring Collaborative Reflection Conference (elementary and secondary are the same)
  4. Data Sources (elementary and secondary are the same)
  5. An explanation of counselor-specific data sources (elementary and secondary are the same)
  6. Provisional Counselor Guidance for Principals (same for both elementary and secondary)
  7. Administrator monitoring forms (elementary and secondary are different)
  8. Annual administrator report forms (elementary and secondary are different)
  9. Decision Summary forms (elementary and secondary are the same)


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