Educator Evaluation Revision Project: 2012-2017


In 2010, the Utah State Board of Education began working on the Utah Educator Effectiveness Project. The outcome of this work is an expectation that all districts will incorporate several required components into their educator evaluation programs. All district programs are required to include valid and measurable tools including, at a minimum:

  • Observation of instructional or leadership quality guided by new teaching and leadership standards
  • Evidence of student growth
  • Stakeholder input (students, parents, staff)
  • Yearly rating of educator performance

The Salt Lake City School District has formed a Joint Educator Evaluation Committee to adapt the current programs to the new expectations. This committee will continue working through 2016-17 to oversee implementation of the revised program.



Teachers- Dessie Olson, Chrissy Paulos, Lisa Defrance, Kyle Bracken

Administrators: Valerie Shaw, Pam Pedersen, Monty Eyink, Peggy Patterson

Parents: Melissa Ford, Sherri Hutten, Aimee Horman, vacancy

Facilitator: Logan Hall

Steering Committee: Mozelle Orton, Christine Marriott, Susan McFarland, Barb Kuehl


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Minutes of past committee meetings:

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