Keeping a Promise: Procedures For Managing Lunch and Breakfast in Salt Lake City School District Schools

News Release
For Immediate Release
February 7, 2014


(Salt Lake City) – Fulfilling a promise that has been made to parents and the community, clear and concise procedures have been developed to prevent what happened at Uintah Elementary School last week from ever happening again in any Salt Lake City School District school.

The district and the Salt Lake City School District Board of Education believe children should always receive a full meal and that discussions regarding account balances should happen between adults, without involving children. Both issues have also been widely discussed in the feedback we have received from parents and concerned citizens. This week, the following Child Nutrition Department Procedures were shared with all principals and school kitchen managers to address those specific issues.

The mission of the Department of Child Nutrition is to provide nutritious meals with variety, appeal, and value for all students.

  1. Students in all Salt Lake City School District schools will always receive a full meal, even if they have a negative balance.
  2. No partial meals will be served.

Our objective is to create strong partnerships between our department and school administrators to ensure school meals are served in a caring, safe and nurturing environment.  To achieve this objective, the following communication standard is expected of each kitchen manager:

  1. At the end of each day, run a negative balance report for your school site.  Black out free and reduced lunch eligibility status and circle all students who have a negative ten dollar (-$10) balance or greater.  File a copy in the kitchen office and provide the school principal the original document before the final school bell rings.
  2. Keep the school principal informed and ask for their assistance when a student account is getting out of hand.
  3. Coordinate with the school principal how to effectively notify parents who have low or negative meal account balances.  Parents must be notified at a $10 balance and every day when they have a negative account balance.
  4. No district employee will ask a student for meal payments nor ask them to remind their parents.  All communication about payments in arrears should be directed to the adults responsible.

The district and the board of education are continuing to review and investigate the child nutrition program to ensure strict adherence to these procedures and to determine what other changes may be necessary to fulfill their commitment to the children, parents, and city.



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