2017 Annual AHERA Asbestos Notification

In accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act regulations (AHERA), this is to serve as the annual notification for the Salt Lake City School District for 2017. Building re-inspections are being conducted on a six month cycle. Each school’s Asbestos Management Plan is available for review in the building’s main office or custodial office.

Asbestos awareness training is required annually for all custodial and maintenance personnel and is being completed throughout the year with the help of our online safety training program. This training is required within 60 days of employment. Anyone needing this training or who has any questions regarding asbestos should contact Steven Bennett in Auxiliary Services at (801) 974-8392. Custodians needing this training or any other safety training should contact Robin Anderson at (801) 886-8935.

Asbestos abatement projects have been completed at Lincoln Elementary school, Highland High school, as well as Open Classroom (Lowell), the Administration Building, and the Auxiliary Services Building. Projects are currently being planned for the coming years.

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