The Art Truck at Indian Hills Elementary

  • decorations on the side of The Art Truck
  • students inside the Art Truck learning about bees

The students at Indian Hills Elementary received a visit in September from The Art Truck. The Art Truck is the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s traveling classroom showcase. Students were introduced to the work of Maria Molteni. Her art teaches students about the importance of community by sharing with them the life of bees.

The interior of the Art Truck took kindergarten through sixth-grade classes into honeycombs made of ropes and bee’s wax. Children were treated to an interactive presentation of Molten’s art that let them observe, touch, and smell. Students learned to pass messages like bees and were able to translate those messages into art of their own. This experience created a buzz that will last for weeks to come.

Author: Andrew Hickman, Indian Hills Elementary

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