Uintah Elementary Students Explore the Great Salt Lake

  • students walking on board walk through marshes
  • students studying marshlands near the Great Salt Lake

Fourth-grade students at Uintah Elementary recently worked with The Nature Conservancy to investigate the Great Salt Lake wetland habitat. The field trip started with a trip to the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve, which is a boardwalk that runs through the marsh surrounding the Great Salt Lake. That was followed by a visit to the USU Botanical Center. 

While at the Shorelands Preserve the students were given a tour around the board walk where they investigated bird species that live around the lake, plants in the area, and weather patterns. The bird investigations looked at their nests, feathers, and migratory patterns. The leader of the group was able to clip some of the plants that grow in the marshes to let the kids take a closer look and try to identify them. Many of the students hadn’t ever been to the lake or marshes so the only experience they had with some of these species were pictures in a text book. This was a great way for the students to experience wetlands first hand.

The second stop on the field trip was the USU Botanical Center where the students did three rounds of activities. The first was looking at plants and insects under a microscope to see what they look like up close. Then they took water insects and identified them based on a dichotomous key. Lastly, they looked at insect adaptations by dressing up with the adaptations that they would need to survive in the pond at the center. All in all, it was an adventurous day where the students got to experience the wetlands of Utah first hand and they got to be real scientists. This is a field trip that the fourth grade will be sure to participate in every year!

Author: Macy Ostrom, Uintah Elementary

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