Edison Elementary's Fantastic Family and School Collaborator

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Edison has been lucky to have Claudio Torres with us for the last nine and a half years. After starting at Edison with the Colors of Success program, Claudio has moved into a new role at our school. For the last two years, Claudio has been our Family and School Collaboration Coordinator.

The most important part of Claudio’s new role is establishing a connection between the parents, faculty, administrators and kids, and he is doing a great job! Edison’s families come from many diverse backgrounds and Claudio works hard to make sure all families know they are welcome at our school and that their voices and opinions matter.

One of Claudio’s biggest successes are his monthly parent meetings. These meetings are attended by anywhere from 30-60 parents each month! Other schools have begun asking Claudio about his success with parent attendance.

The focus of the monthly meetings changes each month, but they usually focus on rights and resources for our families. Some of the topics the meetings have covered include; housing rights, discrimination, immigration rights, what to do during police interactions, and domestic violence. These meetings empower parents and encourage them to have a voice, regardless of their culture or immigration status. Third grade teacher Jessica Schroder says this about Claudio, “Claudio does a great job listening to the concerns of parents. He covers a large range of topics that families are concerned about”.

Claudio has also implemented English lessons for the parents at Edison. The classes are run through the English Skills Learning Center. The program runs two classes a week for an hour each. Claudio worked hard to ensure that parents have the option to come to class in the morning or in the evenings, to accommodate their schedules.

Our principal, Susan Damm, had this to say about Claudio and his work, “"Mr. Torres is passionate about connecting families, students, and our school community. He values the power of education and works tirelessly to ensure that all students and families are supported in this endeavor. Claudio is respected for his high expectations and his ability to facilitate collaboration and understanding. Through Claudio's dedication, and skills, Edison Elementary is continuing its tradition of being a community of learners."

As an Edison community, we appreciate all of Claudio’s hard work.

Author: Michelle Alba, Edison Elementary

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