Hip Hop at Escalante

  • Escalante students dancing

Escalante Elementary is in the middle of a dance and music residency with Joshua Perkins and his staff from Bboy Federation. The BBoy Federation is a Salt Lake based non-profit for hip hop arts.

Each Friday, our fourth-grade students and teachers enjoy an hour long visit from several BBoy Federation instructors, earning about footwork, top rock, and power. Students are loving it!

“I like that in power we learned how to do the butt spin!”- Zinedine

According to Hallie, “the best part about it is it is always fun.”

For Emily and Sayda it is fun, but challenging, and worth it. The feel they are getting better each week. For Emily, “The instructors are awesome at dancing and are incredibly nice.”

Teachers like it for the skilled instruction and widespread student engagement.

This residency is structured by a close collaboration between the fourth-grade teachers and the artist and enhances not only the dance and art core instruction, but also social studies. The project is being funded by the Artist in the Classroom grant program from the Salt Lake City Arts Council.

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