Shakespeare is a Tradition at Dilworth

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Dilworth 5th grade students presented Shakespeare’s HAMLET this month. All 83 students participated and worked to put together amazing performances. Thanks to wonderful parent directors, Elizabeth Lambert and Jeanne Riley-Shope, students practiced mornings before school for 6 weeks. More than fifty parents helped in many different ways to support this production.

This is the 22nd consecutive year Dilworth 5th grade students have participated in a Shakespearean play. Teachers Linette Sheffield, Britt Rose, and Maria Chart see the value in giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language of Shakespeare. Through the study of Shakespeare students develop more confidence in themselves, learn the importance of teamwork, and improve their language arts skills in reading comprehension, oral fluency, vocabulary, character development, theme, and many of the core requirements.

Students learn phrases and idioms commonly used in the English language as well as the significant elements of literature. Hamlet has a large number of well-known Shakespeare quotes which students analyze and discuss the meaning of. The opportunity to participate in a Shakespeare production enhances the education of our fifth graders!

Author: Shanna Lewis, Dilworth Elementary

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