Student Policies

Student Policies are policies developed to support student achievement and safety.

Index Policy Title Translations
S-1 School Admissions
  Administrative Procedures
S-2 Student Records, Privacy Rights, and Release of Information
  Administrative Procedures
  Annual Notice
  Military and College Recruiting Opt Out
  Media Release Form Opt Out
  • Spanish
Student Conduct and Discipline
  Administrative Procedures
  Gang Signs, Symbols, Signals, Words, and Conduct Prohibited  
S-4 Student Attendance and Exemption from School
  Administrative Procedures
  Affidavit for Home School 2015
  Truancy Notification
S-5 Dress and Grooming
  Administrative Procedures
  Exemption From School Uniform
S-6 Concussions and Traumatic Head Injuries
  Administrative Procedures
S-7 Law Enforcement Access to Students and Student Records
  Administrative Procedures
S-8 Child Abuse
  Administrative Procedures
S-9 Student Health Services and Requirements
  Administrative Procedures
  Notification of Head Lice
  Student Medication Form
S-10 Student Fees, Fee Waivers, and Fines
  Administrative Procedures
  Fee Schedule for 2016-2017  
S-11 Student Electronic Devices in Schools
  Administrative Procedures
S-12 Equal Educational Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
S-13 Gender Inclusion  
  Administrative Procedures  


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