Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

1090 South Roberta Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Phone: 801.578.8180
Fax: 801.578.8188



Peggy Patterson

Assistant Principal

Samantha Salazar

School Information

Enrollment: 535
Open Enrollment Status: Open
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Lincoln's mission is to provide excellent academic instruction targeted to the needs of each individual student learner within an emotionally safe and nurturing learning environment. Our teachers are dedicated to incorporate literacy learning throughout the curriculum. By working closely with student families, we encourage literacy "both day and night."

Our Lincoln Leopard stands for PRIDE. Nuestro Leopardo de Lincoln representa ORGULLO (PRIDE).

P - Positive Attitude/Actitud Positiva
R - Respectfulness/Respeto
I - Integrity (Honesty)/Integridad (Honestidad)
D - Dedication/Dedicación
E - Excellence/Excelencia

We expect the best from every student. We are the Leopards, and we show our PRIDE wherever we go. En Lincoln esperamos lo mejor de cada estudiante. Somos los Leopardos y mostramos nuestro ORGULLO donde quiera que vamos.


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