Glendale Middle School

Glendale Middle School is the only middle school in the district serving grades 6-8 and has many special programs to offer our students. Glendale Middle is one of two middle schools in Salt Lake City that have a federal grant earmarked for school improvement. This allows us to offer additional time for instruction in language arts and math for those students who are not proficient.

  • Glendale is an Apple Connect Ed Grant School, where students are each given an iPad for use at school, teachers are given a Mac and an iPad, and every classroom is equipped with an Apple TV to maximize the transformational power of technology in the classroom
  • Glendale features Extended Learning Program classes, where academically gifted students are offered a chance to expand their knowledge.
  • The Glendale/Mountain View Community Learning Center offers a host of classes that benefit students, parents, and the community at large .
  • Glendale promotes the Achievement Via Individual Determination program and a continuous in-school academic support program, which prepares students for college eligibility and success. Support is cross-curricular and ongoing.
  • Glendale's elective courses include band, orchestra, piano, and the visual arts.
  • Our after school programming includes academic enrichment taught by certified teachers, and a wide variety of classes and services, including chess club, drama, sports, homework help, summer school classes, and Kids Cafe.
  • We offer intramural sports in grades six through eight.


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