Family and School Collaboration Communication Idea Book

Two-way communication is crucial to fostering positive parent-teacher relationships. When parents develop a positive attitude toward school, then they will be motivated to get involved in their children's schooling (Epstein, 1994). These positive attitudes with parents will lead to positive attitudes among children. Research has shown that positive attitudes results in higher academic achievement (Epstein, 2001).  Students whose families are more involved have higher levels of student achievement and self-esteem, show marked improvement in behavior, and are more likely to attend school on a regular basis (Shirvani, 2007).  Parents who rate their school’s communication as ineffective were five times more likely to say that “they did not feel a connection to the school” and that “teachers at the school did not work with parents to address their child’s academic issues” (Blackboard Connect, Connecting in the 21st Century).

Salt Lake City School District's Board Policy I-8: Student Progress and Academic Achievement states,

Parents and students should expect weekly student progress, upcoming assignments or tests, or other information from teachers. This expectation can be met by returning graded student work, personal note, phone call, email, web-based grading system, conferences, or an appropriately agreed-to method approved by the teacher, parent, and principal.

This resource provides ideas and strategies to help both teachers and schools increase communication with our students’ families.  Strong partnerships between the home and school are crucial to the success of our students. 

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