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High School Graduations


We know many parents, students, and families are anxious about graduation plans for the Class of 2020. As our schools finalize their plans, we will share highlights of those plans here. If you have specific questions about your school’s plan, please contact your principal.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! We respect and honor your accomplishments and your resiliency.


On Friday, June 5, East will be doing a drive-thru graduation. 

  • Students sign up for a time.  
  • Each graduate may arrive in a single vehicle with parents and siblings. 
  • Graduates will walk alongside their family car in the front semi-circle. Parents and others will remain inside their car.
  • At center circle, the graduate will have their name announced and have their official photo taken.

On Monday, June 8, and Tuesday, June 9, East will do small group graduation in the auditorium

  • The format will be small groups, with a maximum of 15 graduates. 
  • Due to public health measures that limit group gatherings to 20 or fewer, parents and spectators will not be allowed to attend.
  • Graduates will sign up for a time slot. 
  • Graduates will be met by a staff member who will lead them into the school for individual pictures and to their graduation walk.
  • Graduates will walk across the auditorium stage where their names will be announced.


Highland High will hold a drive-through graduation ceremony at Sugar House Park on Wednesday, June 3, 4-7 pm.

  • 1 car per family
  • Assignments will be made to allow 20 cars per time slot.
  • The graduation ceremony for individual students will be at the steps to the baseball stadium.
  • Students will be allowed to walk alongside their car as they approach the ceremony, then will re-enter their cars to drive off.
  • There will not be any additional events after the ceremony.
  • Students and families will not be allowed to leave their cars in the park and walk through the gate onto Highland property.


Horizonte's graduation has been postponed until allowed by the local health department.


Part One: A video with all the speeches and talents will be compiled into a YouTube video that students along with their friends and family can watch from the comfort of their own homes. The link will be sent to all the students prior to the graduation walk on June 12.

Part Two, The Graduation Walk: Students will select a time to come to the school and will walk up the sidewalk and receive their diploma. Families arriving for this portion will enter the area from the South side coming from 1700 S, can park in the large parking lot there while waiting for their student's turn to walk, and will exit on Kensington Avenue. 

The four people a student elects to bring will be across the street on the East side of 200 East closer to the cars. They will only be out on the sidewalk while their student is participating in the walk. There will be flags spacing families 8 feet apart. As soon as the graduate has moved their tassel and taken their photo both the family and student will get into their car and leave the SLCC campus using the one way route for exiting. Innovations staff will be available to help families enter, park, and leave the event. 


Graduation will be held June 3, at 5 pm.

  • SLCSE seniors will meet at a designated location (TBD) at 4:45 pm and remain in vehicles. Each family is limited to one vehicle participating in the SLCSE parade. 
    • SLCSE graduates can invite family not in their own vehicle to park in designated places along the parade route.  
  •  A SLCSE faculty member will lead the cars in the parade route beginning at 5 pm. 
    • There will also be SLCSE teachers selected to drive their vehicle staggered throughout the parade of seniors.  
  • A stage will be set up outside the front of the school. Audio equipment will be set up to announce the arrival of a graduate to the stage. Music will be playing.  A hired photographer will be in position to take senior photos.  
  •  A maximum of 18 faculty members will be appropriately social distanced on the field throughout the front of the school. Faculty will be wearing graduation gowns.  
  • When the senior vehicle reaches the indicated mark, the graduate will exit the vehicle and walk to the outdoor stage in front of the school. The graduate's name will be read and the they will walk across their stage, pick up their diploma and have their photo taken. A statement will be read about them being a graduate. They will turn their tassel, throw their cap, and return to vehicle.  


Seniors will get their cap and gown as they are cleared to graduate, beginning on May 26. Graduation will be held on Saturday, June 6, 9 am-6 pm

  • Graduates sign up for a time block of 50-60 graduates. One block of graduates will go each hour.
  • Cars pull in the stadium parking lot and north parking lot. Multiple cars per graduate are permitted, and we encourage them to be decorated. Using radios, we will prompt one graduate’s group of cars to pull forward. Each graduate’s cars pull around the corner from the north to the front of the school. 
  • The graduate gets out at the corner, walks along the sidewalk in front of the school and up the steps to pick up a diploma cover. The radio station plays the graduation music and the name announcement for the graduate. A photographer will take a photo of the graduate with the front of the building in the background. 
  • The graduate picks up a diploma cover and continues up the steps into the building to have their individual picture taken in front of the panther. 
  • The graduate exits the building and walks down the ramp to turn in their gown and be handed their diploma. 
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