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Maintenance Services


Maintenance Shops & Grounds

  • Maintains & repairs buildings & systems
  • Performs routine & scheduled maintenance tasks & procedures
  • Manages & constructs or contracts all work for capital projects
  • Maintains school grounds including: lawns & planting beds, playfields & parking lots
  • Manages & repairs sprinkling systems
  • Manages trash removal contracts
  • Removes snow from parking lots


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Curtis Barnett Manager-Facilities Maintenence

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Denise Stanford Admin Assistant - Department

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Name Title Contact
James Asay Journeyman - Electrician Send James Asay a Message
Clint Dumas Journeyman - HVAC Send Clint Dumas a Message
Peter Erickson Journeyman - HVAC Send Peter Erickson a Message
Gregory Henderson Journeyman - Plumber Send Gregory Henderson a Message
Brian Ingersoll Journeyman - Electrician Send Brian Ingersoll a Message
Roy Matthews Hourly Delivery Driver Send Roy Matthews a Message
Brett Mulvey Journeyman - Plumber Send Brett Mulvey a Message
Todd Peterson Journeyman - Electrician Send Todd Peterson a Message
Michael Pyatt Journeyman - HVAC Send Michael Pyatt a Message
Daniel Startup Journeyman - HVAC Send Daniel Startup a Message
David Stevens Journeyman - Plumber Send David Stevens a Message
Mark Stevens Journeyman - Plumber Send Mark Stevens a Message
John Summers Journeyman - HVAC Send John Summers a Message
Gus Babalis Grounds Worker Send Gus Babalis a Message
Kim Borland Grounds Worker Send Kim Borland a Message
Sean Higgins Grounds Worker Send Sean Higgins a Message
Joshua Hollander Grounds Worker Send Joshua Hollander a Message
Daniel Milne Groundskeeper Send Daniel Milne a Message
Austin Nebeker Grounds Worker Send Austin Nebeker a Message
William Oike Grounds Worker Send William Oike a Message
Chaylee Olson Groundskeeper Send Chaylee Olson a Message
Ray Searles Grounds Worker Send Ray Searles a Message
Dustin Williams Grounds Worker Send Dustin Williams a Message
Kevin Bailey Grounds Worker Send Kevin Bailey a Message
Dennis Boyd Journeyman - Painter Send Dennis Boyd a Message
Kurt Harrison Journeyman - Painter Send Kurt Harrison a Message
John Kelsey Maintenance Worker Send John Kelsey a Message
Darrell Knott Hourly Journeyman Carpenter Send Darrell Knott a Message
Jared Llewellyn Journeyman - Painter Send Jared Llewellyn a Message
Kevin McCullough Journeyman - Carpenter Send Kevin McCullough a Message
Joe Mestas Journeyman - Carpenter Send Joe Mestas a Message
Kevin Modderman Journeyman - Carpenter Send Kevin Modderman a Message
Bryce Nebeker Maintenance Worker Send Bryce Nebeker a Message
Karl Paget Journeyman - Carpenter Send Karl Paget a Message
Andrew Parslow Maintenance Worker Send Andrew Parslow a Message
Harry Singer Hourly Delivery Driver Send Harry Singer a Message
Roland Tolbert Maintenance Worker Send Roland Tolbert a Message
Bill Varellas Journeyman - Painter Send Bill Varellas a Message
Devin Williams Journeyman - Carpenter Send Devin Williams a Message
Bryan Wolcott Locksmith Send Bryan Wolcott a Message
Ricky Black Maintenance Worker Send Ricky Black a Message
Rogelio Gomez Journeyman - Electrician Send Rogelio Gomez a Message
Russell Ware Hourly Delivery Driver Send Russell Ware a Message
John Wanner HVAC Programmer Send John Wanner a Message

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