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Benefit Guidelines


The recently released household size and income criteria (see table above) will be used for determining eligibility this year.  Children from families whose income is at or below the levels shown are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

The following schools: Bennion Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Meadowlark Elementary, Riley Elementary, and Edison Elementary all qualify for the community eligibility provision (CEP) within the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs, which allows schools in high-poverty areas to offer nutritious meals to all students at no charge. All students who attend CEP eligible schools, regardless of income level, are eligible to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch each day they attend school.  Free and reduced meal benefit applications will not be collected at these five CEP school sites. If a CEP student has siblings attending a non CEP school make sure to send an application for all students in the household, only CEP students will be covered!

If you have any questions, call our office: 801-974-8380

More information about CEP can be found in the links below or by calling the Child Nutrition Department at (801) 974-8380.

Children/households who/that are currently approved for food stamps, Family Employment Program (FEP), or Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservation (FDPIR) may be certified directly by the appropriate agency.  These households will be notified of their eligibility and that their children will be provided free benefits unless the household notifies the school that it chooses to decline benefits.  Food stamp and FEP households should only submit an application if they are not notified of their eligibility by a specified date determined by the school.

To apply for free and reduced-price meals, households should fill out the application when they register their child/children for school.  Parents are encouraged to apply online for free and reduced priced meals at: https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/SALL02. Parents may also elect to print out and submit a paper application to the kitchen manager or child nutrition department.  Applications are available in a variety of languages at https://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/translated-applicationsThe information provided on the application will be used for the purpose of determining eligibility and may be verified at any time during the school year by program officials.

For the school officials to determine eligibility, household members must complete the following

  • last four digits of the Social Security number of the adult completing the application, or mark that the person does not possess one;
  • household income and frequency including those with no income; and
  • the signature of an adult household member certifying that the information provided is correct. 

Parents or guardians should only complete one application per household. 

Under the provisions of the free and reduced-price policy, a designated approving official will review applications and determine eligibility.  If a parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the ruling of the official, he/she may wish to discuss the decision on an informal basis.  If the parent/guardian wishes to make a formal appeal, he/she may make a request either orally or in writing to the hearing official by contacting the Child Nutrition Director, Kelly Orton, for more information. 

Foster children who are legal wards of the court are also eligible for no charge benefits and may be directly certified.  If a household has foster children living with them and they wish to apply for meal benefits for such children, the household should contact the school for more information.

The information provided by the household is confidential and will be used only for purposes of determining eligibility and verifying data, unless a waiver releasing the use of the information for other specific programs is signed by the parent/guardian.

Meal prices for adults and second student meals for the 2019-2020 school year:  Breakfast will be $2.50 and Lunch will be $3.50.


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