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Pay for School Meals Online

MyPaymentsPlus is a state-of-the-art online service that provides you the convenience and information you need to manage your student’s meal account. This system speeds up serving lines in the cafeteria, eliminates the need to send checks to school or worry about lost or forgotten lunch money, and ensures that your child will receive a nutritious meal.

At no cost, MyPaymentsPlus allows you to check your student’s account balance online, view what your student has been eating in the cafeteria, and automatically receive email notifications when the account reaches a low balance. You can pay online into your student’s meal account using a check, credit card, or debit card. You can also use the Autopay feature to automatically replenish your student’s account when it reaches a low balance.

To sign up, simply visit: www.MyPaymentsPlus.com or click on the MyPaymentsPlus logo to the right and then click on “Register a Free Account.” You will need your student’s ID number to complete registration. If you don’t know your child’s student ID, please contact your school to obtain this information.  

To aid in managing your student’s account on-the-go, MyPaymentsPlus also has a free mobile app available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. For questions pertaining to managing your account or navigating through the MyPaymentsPlus website, please email SLC@Horizonsoftware.com.

Pay for School Meals at the School

Online payments are not the only option. Payments can be made at your school. For elementary and middle schools, cash or check payments will be accepted at the school office. At high schools, cash or check payments will be accepted by the kitchen manager or at the point of sale.

Payment Questions or Concerns

If you have a question or feel that your student meal account balance is not correct, please contact the Salt Lake City School District Child Nutrition Department at (801) 974-8380. Our Trained team of support specialists are available during office hours to assist you.

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