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Approved Vendor Lists



  1. General Architectural Engineering
    a.  Curtis Miner Architecture
    b.  GSBS Architects
    c.  MHTN Architects
    d.  Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects
    e.  NJRA Architects
    f.  VCBO Architecture
  2. Civil Engineering and Surveying
    a.  CRS Engineers.
    b.  Ensign Engineering
    c.  Great Basin Engineering
    c.  Meridian Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
    a.  BNA Consulting
    b.  Colvin Engineering Associates
    c.  Envision Engineering, PC
    d.  Van Boerum & Frank Associates
  4. Geotechnical Engineering
    a.  Applied Geotechnical Engineering Consultants, Inc.
    b.  Gordon Geotechnical Engineering, Inc.
    c   Consolidated Engineering Laboratories
  5. Landscape Architecture/Engineering
    a.  MHTN Architects
    b.  GSBS Architects
    c.  Great Basin Engineering, Inc.
    d.  Design West Architects
  6. Mechanical Engineering
    a.  Olsen & Peterson - Consulting Engineers, Inc.
    b.  Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc.
    c.  Colvin Engineering Associates
    d.  David L. Jensen & Associates
  7. Structural Engineering
    a.  BHB Consulting Engineers
    b.  Calder Richards Structural Engineers
    c.  Reaveley Engineers & Associates
  8. Special Inspections & Materials Testing
    a.  Applied Geotechnical Engineering Consultants, Inc.
    b.  Consolidated Engineering

B.  ROOFING CONTRACTORS (list expires April 2021)

  1. All Weather Waterproofing, Inc.
  2. Clarks Quality Roofing, Inc.
  3. Heritage Roofing, LLC
  4. Layton Roofing Company, Inc.
  5. Noorda BEC, Inc.

C. GENERAL CONTRACTORS (list expires June 2021)

  1. ACME Construction
  2. Arnell-West, Inc.
  3. Entelen Design-Build
  4. Hogan and Associates
  5. Stallings Construction
  6. Stout Building Contractors


  1. Hillock Sports
  2. Universal Athletic, Inc.
  3. BSN Sports, LLC
  4. Authentic

E.  FUND RAISERS FOR INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS (list expires February 2022)

  1. Anython, dba: Apex Leadership/ApexFun Run
    1. Website: click to visti website or click here to visit website
    2. Email:  Phone: 801-792-5113
  2. C.L. Group LLC, dba: UFund
    1. Website: click here to visit website
    2. Email:  Phone: 435-503-6193
  3. Snap Mobile, dba: Snap! Raise
    1. Website: here to visit website
    2. Email:  Phone: 206-285-0323
  4. E Z Fundraising, dba: Butter Braids
    1. Website: click here to visit website
    2. Email:  Phone: 801-652-7263
  5. CFS West LLC, dba: CFS Utah
    1. Website: None Provided
    2. Email:  Phone: 801-503-5122
  6. Utah Fundraising
    1. Website: click here to visit website
    2. Email:  Phone: 801-518-4210
    3. Email:  Phone: 618-920-9654
  7. World's Finest Chocolate
    1. Website: Click here to visit World's Finest Chocolate page
    2. Email:  Phone: 801-560-4212
  8. Olympus Sharing Enterprises, dba: Thirst
    1. Website: click here to visit Thirst Drinks page
    2. Email:  Phone: 909-979-7302
  9. Fundeazy
    1. Website:
    2. Email:  Phone: 801-948-0778
  10. Pass 360 LLC - Nephi Casuga
    1.  Website: click here to visit Pass 360 page
    2. Email:  Phone: 808-641-7219


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