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Information Technology


Information Technology Help Desk: 801-578-8224

Help Desk Hours: M-F, 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Sam Quantz
Sam Quantz Chief Information Officer

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Name Title Contact
Jordan Collins Senior Network Services Admin Send Jordan Collins a Message
Brian Harmon Senior Network Services Administrator Send Brian Harmon a Message
Desiree Knight Network Services Administrator Send Desiree Knight a Message
Karsten Moench Network Services Administrator Send Karsten Moench a Message
Christy Rogers Student Information Business Analyst Send Christy Rogers a Message
Maureen Rushing IT Help Desk II Send Maureen Rushing a Message
Becky Tesch IT Help Desk II Send Becky Tesch a Message
Helen Butz IT Help Desk II Send Helen Butz a Message
Zack Baum IT Help Desk II Send Zack Baum a Message
Frank Frampton Senior Network Services Administrator Send Frank Frampton a Message
Brandon Stephens Network Services Administrator Send Brandon Stephens a Message
Wade Godfrey Network Services Administrator Send Wade Godfrey a Message
Vaughn Call Personal Computer Support Manager Send Vaughn Call a Message
Alan Wardell IT Support Technician Send Alan Wardell a Message
Christopher Anthony IT Support Technician Send Christopher Anthony a Message
David Thomas IT Support Technician Send David Thomas a Message
Derek Pester IT Support Technician Send Derek Pester a Message
Guy Parker IT Support Technician Send Guy Parker a Message
Jeff Fullmer IT Support Technician Send Jeff Fullmer a Message
Joshua Coffey IT Support Technician Send Joshua Coffey a Message
Ken Duncan IT Support Technician Send Ken Duncan a Message
Martin Bobb IT Support Technician Send Martin Bobb a Message
Mike Rollins IT Support Technician Send Mike Rollins a Message
Russell Hansen IT Support Technician Send Russell Hansen a Message
Bill Rosling IT Support Technician Send Bill Rosling a Message
Whitney Green IT Support Technician Send Whitney Green a Message
Jared Hainline Senior Network Services Administrator Send Jared Hainline a Message
Marshall Fansher Network Services Administrator Send Marshall Fansher a Message
Alec Argyle Print Shop Lead Send Alec Argyle a Message
Wesley Brown Print Shop Technician Send Wesley Brown a Message
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