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American Indian Education


“Let us put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.”  -Chief Sitting Bull

Program Description

This program is designed to address the unique cultural, language, and educationally related academic needs of American Indian/Alaskan Native students.

SLCSD American Indian Education program is based on a grant. The funding received per year is determined by the number of 506 forms completed, signed and submitted by the AI/AN students in the school district. If parents or students have questions about the 506 form, please contact the coordinator for more details and assistance.

Program Benefits

  • Tutoring for students who need reinforcement in reading, math, or any academic skills
  • Quarterly meetings with Coordinator  
  • Cultural family activities and potlucks
  • Financial assistance with academics (determined case by case)
  • Provided with information on scholarships, FAFSA, internships, summer camps, and leadership opportunities
  • Recognition and honoring of students who are excelling and making academic achievements
  • Activities to educate individuals concerning substance abuse, suicide, and mental health issues.

What we offer


If your child is struggling in school and you believe they can benefit from tutoring, mentorship, or weekly meetings with the Coordinator, please let Tia Yazzie know so she can get the help they need.

Cultural Activities

We will begin to provide Native American cultural nights to promote family and community togetherness. Activities will be based on learning of Native American customs, crafts, and music.

Parent Committee

Please join our parent committee! We encourage participation in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of program activities. The committee meets once a month.


Name Title Contact
Tia Yazzie Title Vii Indian Ed Program Coordinator Send Tia Yazzie a Message
Julen Cosme Student Advocate Send Julen Cosme a Message
Seka Groves Student Advocate Send Seka Groves a Message
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