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Educator Licensing and APPEL


Nathan Elkins

Director - Certified

SLCSD Alternate Pathway to Professional Educator License (APPEL)

APPEL Director – Nathan Elkins (

Education Specialist – Kellie May (

Information for AEL Candidates

The associate educator license is available for individuals who want to teach in Utah that have not yet completed an approved educator preparation program. An associate license enables individuals who have been hired to teach in the SLCSD before completing the requirements of a Utah professional license as well as individuals who do not currently hold a Utah professional license but would like to teach while working toward a professional educator license. Associate educator licenses are valid for three years.


For an overview of all available associate educator license applications, please visit the USBE AEL application page by clicking HERE.


All successful AEL recipients must create a Utah educator record through the Utah Schools Information Management System (USIMS), successfully complete all USIMS checklist items (licensing questions, criminal background check, and an educator ethics review), complete all four AEL modules in Canvas, and meet one of the following requirements: 1) have a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution, or 2) be currently enrolled in a university-based, Board-approved educator preparation program that will result in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Please keep in mind that each AEL application requirements varies based on the type of AEL, which can be reviewed using the link provided above.


SLCSD Program at a Glance

1.       Obtain an associate educator license (AEL) from the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).

2.       Apply for and get hired within the Salt Lake City School District into a teaching position for which you qualify based on the type of AEL received.

3.       Successful hires holding a valid AEL will be placed in the SLCSD APPEL program.

4.       Collaborate with the district APPEL team to complete all APPEL requirements to be recommended for a professional educator license in the approved time frame.


 General Outline and Expectations for AEL Candidates and SLCSD APPEL Program

1.       Apply for and be issued an AEL through USBE (USBE AEL Applications)

2.       Apply for a position in SLCSD you are qualified for based on your AEL (View Current SLCSD Job Openings)

3.       Receive a recommendation for hire from a SLCSD hiring manager and complete the hiring process through the Human Resource Services Department

4.       Once hired, AEL recipients will be placed in the SLCSD APPEL program and an HR education specialist will conduct a review of your transcripts

5.       HR education specialist will conduct an initial meeting to review program expectations and requirements; additionally, the APPEL director and education specialist will assign a mentor to all AEL candidates

6.       Meet with the education specialist, APPEL director, mentor, and school administrator to identify any necessary college credits, which may include a variety of pedagogy, learning environments, or literacy coursework; your APPEL team will also determine a plan to provide support on demonstrating specific competencies for a professional educator

7.       Your support team will work with you to navigate the pedagogical performance assessment (PPAT) which must be submitted prior to recommendation of professional licensure

8.       After all requirements have been met, the APPEL director will recommend the AEL recipient and APPEL candidate for professional licensure