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Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer; however, all volunteers with unsupervised access to students must go through the background check process.

2. Why do I need a background check?

Salt Lake City School District takes security in our schools seriously. It is also a state law.

3. Are other districts doing this?

Yes, background checks are done statewide by all school districts and other agencies serving children and young adults.

4. Who needs to have a background check?

Any volunteer who will be working unsupervised with students must complete the background check process.

5. What are they looking for in the background check?

Background checks will red flag misdemeanors and felonies that may affect the safety and security of students. A parking ticket, off-leash dog, or failure to shovel snow from a sidewalk will not limit a volunteer’s ability to work with children.

6. Will I have to do this every year?

The one-time background fee covers constant monitoring until a volunteer asks to be released from the volunteer program.

7. Where can I find the Volunteer Application?

The Volunteer Application is located on the Salt Lake City School Districts home page. To apply click on the volunteer button or use this link to volunteer.