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Superintendent's Message 2018-11-28

Dear parents and community members,  

As we prepare for the holiday season, I want to express my gratitude for our employees and community members who dedicate themselves every day to the students and work of the Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD). 

The semester is racing by, and I am encouraged by the progress our students have made. This progress is possible because of the dedicated employees and community members supporting our schools.  Each day, employees and community members work together to ensure that our students are prepared for the next step in their educational journey. Much has been done to improve achievement and provide all students with a quality education. I am excited to build upon our current success as we end first semester and enter second semester.  

To our teacherssite administrators, and school staff members: thank you for making teaching and learning your top priority. You dedicate yourselves to challenging students to achieve. This can be difficult, but you never give up. Without your commitment, our students would not be able to compete at the next level. Every day you give our students 100%, and your work is the foundation of all that we are trying to accomplish in SLCSD. I appreciate your talents, your passion, and your joy in working with our students.  

To our district office employees: thank you for committing to better serve our students and our schools through your work as a district office employee. Every single employee of SLCSD plays a crucial role in ensuring that our students and are provided with a world-class education. Thank you for being part of the SLCSD team. 

To our students and families: thank you for choosing SLCSD and for bringing to our community such a diversity of talents, personalities, cultures, and accomplishments. I am so proud to serve your family, and we look forward to building an even stronger relationship with you in support of our students. Your success is the success of SLCSD, and we want all students to be prepared when they graduate. You students are the leaders of tomorrow, and we are dedicated to making sure you are prepared.     

To our community partnerssupporters, and stakeholders: thank you for supporting the work of SLCSD in so many different ways. In these times of limited resources and shrinking budgets, having great community partners who advocate for education and SLCSD is critical to ensuring that our work moves forward. I feel lucky to have you as part of the SLCSD family. 

To our governing board members: thank you for your time, your dedication, and the commitment you display in making decisions that are best for our students.   

I am humbled by this opportunity to serve this community as the superintendent of Salt Lake City School District. Thank you, once again, for all that you do for SLCSD.    

Yours in education, 
Lexi Cunningham 

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