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Superintendent's Message 2019-02-08

Dear SLCSD community and families,

Each summer, I have the unique opportunity to speak to all of the administrators in the Salt Lake City School District, and each year, I present a theme for the year. I also share this theme with our teachers as they return to school and with other employees at different meetings before or near the beginning of school. This year’s theme has been SLCSDsuperheroes! I hope you have seen this theme used in a hashtag on our social media sites. 

Each employee in SLCSD is a superhero, and I believe every parent, guardian, family member, and student is a superhero too. We all have different powers and the ability to use those powers to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We only need to be brave enough to put on the cape and share our powers. 

I have seen our SLCSDsuperheroes in action quite often in the last few weeks. 

  • I enjoyed attending North Star’s faculty meeting. Their three teacher committees were presenting on their committee work: Academics, Community, and Response to Individual Needs. I learned so much about the great things taking place at North Star. 
  • Thank you Jeremey Chatterton, Dilworth’s principal, and Jared Wright, Clayton’s principal, for representing SLCSD and our amazing library program when speaking to the Education Sub-Committee on Capitol Hill. 
  • I received an email recently about the “woman with a mop.” I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the email. It included a picture of Jane Berntson, the principal at Hillside Middle School, mopping up water as students were coming to school. Thank you, Jane, for helping. 
  • Congratulations to Keven Zhang, a senior at West High School. Keven is one of two Utah students selected to participate in the US Youth Senate. West and SLCSD are proud of Keven and his accomplishments. 
  • I enjoy meeting monthly with our employee association presidents. I learn so much about what is going on in each association and am so impressed with each group’s commitment to SLCSD, employees and student success. 
  • Three Nibley Park students, Kayden Denny, Joel Clemens, and Vienna Chen, are recipients of the University of Utah’s 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Leadership Award. These three students are so talented and work hard every day. Congratulations! 

This list could go on and on, and I am sure there are many SLCSDsuperheroes working every day who do not get the recognition they deserve. If you see someone going out of their way to help another or sacrificing their time or comfort to assist someone else, please take time to thank them. 

Yours in education, 
Lexi Cunningham 
Superintendent, Salt Lake City School District

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