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Superintendent's Message 2019-05-10

Dear SLCSD families and community,

We are fast approaching my favorite time of year. Each year, I have the privilege of attending high school graduations and watching the joy and celebrations as students walk that line and receive their diplomas, as well as handshakes and hugs from favorite teachers and administrators. In some cases, students have overcome tremendous obstacles or made large personal sacrifices on their way to graduation. Their stories offer me inspiration and a sense of renewal. It’s such a joy to attend these ceremonies, watch the fantastic dances and musical numbers, and take part in the celebrations.

A list of the graduation ceremonies, with their dates, times, and locations, is posted on the link to high school graduation schedule.

As we near the end of the school year, I also reflect on the progress made by all of our students. My weekly visits to schools show me just how much our students are learning. In classrooms throughout this city, we have students who may be new to this country and they are learning English as a second language. We have students actively engaged in math activities that sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills. We have students expressing their personalities through painting, dance, and music. We have students exploring the world around them and learning how to use the scientific method to make discoveries of their own. All of these things are happening every day in our classrooms.

Outside the classroom, students are taking part in history fairs, spelling bees, civics days, art contests, geography bees, and science fairs. These students are showcasing what they have learned, and many have won awards for their outstanding work. Our students are competing against their peers in track meets, wrestling matches, debate tournaments, basketball games, football games, and so much more. Yet other students are taking to the stage to demonstrate their singing ability, their acting skills, and they are thrilling audiences with their artistry.

All of this and more is taking place in our schools. I wish I could truly express to you how many fantastic things are happening. I get the chance to see it every week, and I invite you to come see as well. I invite you to attend a concert, play, or sporting activity at your local school. I invite you to volunteer and spend time in a classroom. I promise you will fall in love with our amazing students.

Yours in education,
Dr. Lexi Cunningham

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