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Digital Learning


Welcome to the Digital Learning Department for the Salt Lake City School District. It is our mission to empower all students to learn not only to use technology, but to love learning through the implementation of project-based learning through technology. Technology itself is not enough. One must be able to implement it in daily life. 

The Digital Learning team works with students and teachers to provide resources, professional development, and model teaching to our great educators and students. 

Each school has an assigned Digital Learning Coach to help with the implementation and integration of technology into all curricular areas.

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Sallie Warnecke
Sallie Warnecke Supervisor-Instructional Technology

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Leslie Lewis Education Specialist Send Leslie Lewis a Message
Gloria Shirley Education Specialist Send Gloria Shirley a Message
Alexander Rowe Education Specialist Send Alexander Rowe a Message
Elaine Villarruel Admin Assistant - Department Send Elaine Villarruel a Message
Douglas Rolley Education Specialist Send Douglas Rolley a Message
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