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Hi Students,

This page is for you to use during the Learning From Home period. Please check back frequently as we will continue to update resources each day. 

Link to Nearpod

This website has resources for learning from home for students, teachers, and parents. There are many great activities here.

Nearpod VR for exploring Storytelling

In this VR lesson, students will learn how story devices situate and engage the reader in introductions to stories like Aesop’s Fables. Students will go on a virtual tour of animal ecosystems as an inspiration to begin building a story.

This is a Caves VR from Nearpod

In this lesson, students will explore underground features of caves. They will learn how caves are formed and different formations they can have. They will also consider cave exploration in different environments, including underwater caves.


This is a PDF file that shows how to sign up for Canvas.

Click this link to learn how to Log Onto Canvas.

Forgot your password in Canvas? 

Please email your teacher and he/she can reset it for you.

Virtual Field Trips and Activities

Activities and Virtual Field Trips San Diego Zoo


New to teams? LInk to Teams for Students Videofor a video.

It will show you how to access Teams as a student.

Interactive Websites

Brainpop link to learn more about and set up an account.

Brainpop is a fantastic place to go to learn all about many subjects. Brainpop is FREE during Learning at Home. Your parent will need to set up a family account.

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