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Teacher Resources


Below is a list of resources for our teachers to use during the Teaching from Home time period. Check back daily as we will be posting updated resources for you.

Webinar and Tutorial Videos

Clicking this link will take the reader to a word document.

Clicking this link will take you to a word document with a list of tutorial videos and webinar videos from the Digital Learning Team.


This is a video tutorial.

This is  a video tutorial for teaching.

This is Doug Rolley's contact information.

UEN-Utah Education Network

Click this link to learn more resources.

This is a fantastic resource for teachers during this Learn From Home time period.


Microsoft Teams Video

Teams Video for Teachers


Nearpod is a great resource for teachers to use with any subject area and grade level. Salt Lake City School District has licenses for many of our schools and teachers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact email to Sallie Warnecke 

Nearpod is an interactive tool for students.

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