• good mathematics is not about how many answers you know ...it's about how you behave when you don't know
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It is the charge of Salt Lake City School District teachers, instructional leaders, and families to ensure that all students have access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning. The Utah Mathematics Core State Standards are the foundation for mathematics instruction.

The standards for mathematical content for elementary students fall under the domains of counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations in base ten, measurement and data, and geometry. Starting in sixth grade, our secondary students extend their knowledge to also include the domains of ratio and proportionality, number systems, statistics and probability, expressions and equations, function, and modeling. The alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment ensures that those domains are at the center of classroom mathematics.

We advocate instruction that engages students in understanding mathematics, computing fluently, applying strategies to solve problems, reasoning logically, and connecting and communicating mathematical ideas through the standards for mathematical practice. Our curriculum and instruction is coherent, focused and consistent with research in the field where every student is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.



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