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SEEd K-12 Implementation Plan


We are excited to announce that the  Utah State Board of Education approved new science standards  for K-5 and 9-12 classrooms, commencing in the 2020-2021 school year. The new K-5 and 9-12  Science and Engineering Education Standards (SEEd)  align with the 6-8 SEEd Standards released by USBE in 2016.  This is great news for our students, as they will now have coherent and vertically-aligned science programming throughout their K-12 experience in Salt Lake City School District.  We are excited to inform you that the Science Department has been anticipating the new science standards, and we have a plan in place to help support the three-dimensional teaching and learning shifts inherent in the SEEd Standards. Please see the resources below for a district timeline for SEEd K-12 implementation and other information. 


"Let me be clear, we do have an agenda. Our agenda is to bring the best we have to offer in science standards to the students in Utah so they can be competitive in the scientific endeavor in our great state, in the nation and in the world."

–Candace Penrod

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