Last Name V

Name Title Department Contact
Vaca, Rosa Hourly Nutrition Technician Rose Park Elementary School Send Rosa Vaca a Message
Vaenuku, Efoti Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor West High School Send Efoti Vaenuku a Message
Vailahi, Sione Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor West High School Send Sione Vailahi a Message
Vailahi, Malakai Student Advocate Northwest Middle School Send Malakai Vailahi a Message
Vaisima, Mele Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor Highland High School Send Mele Vaisima a Message
Vaitai, Karyl Bus Attendant Transportation Send Karyl Vaitai a Message
Vakalahi, Sana Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor Highland High School Send Sana Vakalahi a Message
Valdez, Kristen Elementary Teacher Liberty Elementary School Send Kristen Valdez a Message
Valdez, Maria Child Nutrition Floater Riley Elementary School Send Maria Valdez a Message
Valdez, Aisha Enrichment Instructor Rose Park Elementary School Send Aisha Valdez a Message
Valdez, Emily Child Nutrition Floater Nibley Park School Send Emily Valdez a Message
Valdez, Ashley Bus Attendant Transportation Send Ashley Valdez a Message
Valdez, Brandy Elementary Teacher Rose Park Elementary School Send Brandy Valdez a Message
Valencia, Annabelle Admin Secretary Elementary Newman Elementary School Send Annabelle Valencia a Message
Valente, Gianni Hourly CTE Teacher Career and Technical Education (CTE) Send Gianni Valente a Message
Valenzuela, Eddye Paraprofessional I West High School Send Eddye Valenzuela a Message
Valladares, Perla After School Coordinator Elementary Northwest Middle School Send Perla Valladares a Message
Valle Acevedo, Elizabeth Child Nutrition Floater Parkview Elementary School Send Elizabeth Valle Acevedo a Message
Vallentine, John School Counselor Highland High School Send John Vallentine a Message
Valle-Rodriguez, Dayeli Student Advocate Glendale Middle School Send Dayeli Valle-Rodriguez a Message
Valle Sanchez, Blanca Instructor - Preschool Mary W. Jackson Elementary School Send Blanca Valle Sanchez a Message
Vanboerum, Howard East High School Send Howard Vanboerum a Message
Vanderhave, Hank Bus Driver Transportation Send Hank Vanderhave a Message
Vandertoolen, Jean High School Teacher Highland High School Send Jean Vandertoolen a Message
Vanderwark, Udi Field Supervisor - South East Schools Child Nutrition Send Udi Vanderwark a Message
Vande Veegaete, Cathy Elementary Teacher Franklin Elementary School Send Cathy Vande Veegaete a Message
Vandyke, Kimberly Student Support Assistant East High School Send Kimberly Vandyke a Message
Van Dyke, Harrison Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor East High School Send Harrison Van Dyke a Message
Van Epps, Kristina School Counselor Newman Elementary School Send Kristina Van Epps a Message
Van Meter, Amanda Elementary Teacher Hawthorne Elementary School Send Amanda Van Meter a Message
Vantussenbrook, Sidney Elementary Teacher North Star Elementary School Send Sidney Vantussenbrook a Message
Vargas, Michael After School Group Leader Riley Elementary School Send Michael Vargas a Message
Vargas, Courtney Middle School Teacher Clayton Middle School Send Courtney Vargas a Message
Vargas, Millie Finance Specialist Accounts Payable Send Millie Vargas a Message
Vargas Garduno, Leslie After School Coordinator Elementary Riley Elementary School Send Leslie Vargas Garduno a Message
Vashisth, Rachel Middle School Teacher Glendale Middle School Send Rachel Vashisth a Message
Vasquez, Jennifer Elementary Teacher Wasatch Elementary School Send Jennifer Vasquez a Message
Vasquez, Francisco Sweeper II East High School Send Francisco Vasquez a Message
Vasquez Duran, Lisbeth Hourly Nutrition Tech Nibley Park School Send Lisbeth Vasquez Duran a Message
Vasquez-Tellez, Gregorio Custodian West High School Send Gregorio Vasquez-Tellez a Message
Vawdrey, Todd High School Teacher - CTE West High School Send Todd Vawdrey a Message
Veatch, Susan Student Support Assistant Assessment and Evaluation Send Susan Veatch a Message
Vega, Lauren Assistant Nutrition Manager Mountain View Elementary School Send Lauren Vega a Message
Vega Razo, Estefania After School Group Leader Dilworth Elementary School Send Estefania Vega Razo a Message
Velasquez, Tammy Custodian Clayton Middle School Send Tammy Velasquez a Message
Velasquez, Roberto Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor Highland High School Send Roberto Velasquez a Message
Velasquez, Kristy Paraprofessional III Whittier Elementary School Send Kristy Velasquez a Message
Vences, Silvia Instructor - Preschool Early Childhood Send Silvia Vences a Message
Verhaaren, Lindsay School Counselor Open Classroom Send Lindsay Verhaaren a Message
Vestal, Ananda Elementary Teacher Franklin Elementary School Send Ananda Vestal a Message
Vialpando, Gilbert Custodian Highland High School Send Gilbert Vialpando a Message
Viana, Javier High School Teacher East High School Send Javier Viana a Message
Vidal Acevedo, Natalia Paraprofessional I Horizonte Instruction and Training Center Send Natalia Vidal Acevedo a Message
Vidal Macias, Delia Hourly Nutrition Technician Meadowlark Elementary School Send Delia Vidal Macias a Message
Vigil, June Elementary Teacher North Star Elementary School Send June Vigil a Message
Vigil, Joann Sweeper II Hawthorne Elementary School Send Joann Vigil a Message
Vigil, Helen Bus Attendant Transportation Send Helen Vigil a Message
Vigil, Stephanie Sweeper II M. Lynn Bennion Elementary School Send Stephanie Vigil a Message
Vigil, Jami Paraprofessional II Special Education West High School Send Jami Vigil a Message
Villalobos, Margarita Bus Driver Transportation Send Margarita Villalobos a Message
Villamar, Sarah Instructor - Preschool Whittier Elementary School Send Sarah Villamar a Message
Villarreal, Victor Elementary Teacher-Special Education Uintah Elementary School Send Victor Villarreal a Message
Villarruel, Elaine Admin Assistant - Department Digital Learning Send Elaine Villarruel a Message
Villasenor, Michelle Student and Family Advocate Escalante Elementary School Send Michelle Villasenor a Message
Villate, Franz High School Teacher Innovations Early College High School Send Franz Villate a Message
Vincent, Stephanie Student Support Assistant - Special Education Liberty Elementary School Send Stephanie Vincent a Message
Vinick, Sharon Speech Language Pathologist Special Education and 504 Send Sharon Vinick a Message
Vinsel, Anne After School Group Leader Wasatch Elementary School Send Anne Vinsel a Message
Visnjic, Renata After School Coordinator Middle School Nibley Park School Send Renata Visnjic a Message
Voegele, Ben Volunteer Coach/Activ Sponsor Highland High School Send Ben Voegele a Message
Vonlintel, Drew Middle School Teacher Hillside Middle School Send Drew Vonlintel a Message
Vonniederhausern, Bryce High School Teacher - CTE West High School Send Bryce Vonniederhausern a Message
Vreeke, Antoinette Paraprofessional I Horizonte Instruction and Training Center Send Antoinette Vreeke a Message
Vuich, Jennifer Development Officer Salt Lake Education Foundation and Development Office Send Jennifer Vuich a Message
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