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Edison 4th Grade Students and Westminster College Collaborate

Are you curious about the life cycle of brine shrimp? Or the salinity of the Great Salt Lake? Ask Edison Elementary students! 

This spring, Miss Alba’s 4th grade students had a unique opportunity to work with pre-service teachers at Westminster College and the Great Salt Lake Institute to research and complete science projects. The adventure began with a trip to the Great Salt Lake. Students braved the cold and rain and entered the lake to collect their samples, including brine shrimp, brine shrimp casings, feathers, bones, sand, and salt water.

On their next field trip, Edison students got a tour of the Westminster campus. During the tour of the science building, we were able to enter the research labs and hold leeches! 

Finally, pre-service teachers and 4th grade students got to work! Through the use of the scientific method, students created experiments around their samples and began to practice for their presentations. All the students’ hard word paid off when we held a science fair at Edison. Students were prepared to answer hard questions from Principal Damm, fellow students, Edison science teachers, and even their parents!

Thanks for the Great Salt Lake Institute, Westminster College, and our 4th grade students for the successful collaborative project!

Author: Michelle Alba, Edison Elementary School

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