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Emerson Classes Explore Nature’s Ultimate Machines

Emerson’s International Pathways 4th and 5th grade classes were invited to the Natural History Museum of Utah on Wednesday February 7, 2018. They were the first students to explore their new exhibit, Nature’s Ultimate Machines. This new exhibit allows students to explore in both English and Spanish. There, students got the opportunity to immerse themselves in the marvels of natural engineering. Students got a hands on experience to explore topics of nature’s machines. Students even received the opportunity to talk with scientists who specialize in such marvels. 

This exhibit helped students learn about how the wing has evolved to help animals fly. How their own muscle strength is compared to chimpanzee and why. How hard a giraffe’ heart works to pump blood, and how animals survive? Students were engaged in the interactive and digital exhibits. They got to use their own wing force to make a chair spin. Students also enjoyed seeing how much energy it takes for a giraffe to pump blood from its heart to its head, and who is as strong as a chimpanzee. Students studied the many ways different creatures jump, gallop, slither, and swim. 

All of the incredible natural machines were connected to technological breakthroughs like Velcro, wind turbines and chainsaws. It was an awesome opportunity for students to make connections with the natural world and innovations that make life better!

Author: Sumer Pelton, Emerson Elementary

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