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2018 School Accountability Report Cards

Today, the Utah State Board of Education released new Link to online report cards. These redesigned and interactive report cards were developed over the past 18 months with educators, parents, and community members. They include several new features based on that feedback, including ratings for each indicator and the ability for schools to highlight self-selected performance information.

For the first time, the report cards provide schools with ratings on each indicator used to assess school performance. Ratings are reported on a five-point scale using the following descriptors (from highest to lowest): exemplary, commendable, typical, developing, critical needs.  link to parent FAQ on how to read the report cards and what the different scores mean is also available. Just click on the link in the previous sentence or on the image to the right. 

Users will be able to drill down for more information including how well a school performs on each indicator compared to other schools in the district and in the state. Other new pieces include the testing participation rate for each school and the percentage of students consistently attending the school. The latter statistic counts only students who remain in a single school for at least 160 of the 180-day school year and are in school attendance at least 90 percent of the time.

Individual student scores are not released to the general public but are available to teachers.

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