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2019 Utah Teacher of the Year Blog: #LoveTeaching

Though link to Love Teaching Week flier was started by teachers in 2015, I hadn’t heard of it until just a month ago.

“#LoveTeaching Week is a grassroots campaign started by teachers in 2015 as an opportunity to celebrate teaching, leading, and learning in a way that unites and invigorates educators and those they inspire all around the world. Every year, Valentine's Day marks the beginning of a week-long conversation that aims to illuminate why teachers enter and remain in the field of education, offering a mindset shift from the seemingly singular focus on the challenges of the profession.”

I see it as an opportunity to celebrate the positives of our profession in a way that highlights the wonderful things educators are doing. We are definitely aware of the challenges that exist in this profession but we also know of the many, many rewards. Let us take this time to shine a light on why educators love what they do! Please join me in this social media campaign and let’s tell the world why we #LoveTeaching!

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