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  • students dancing
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Dance Performance Delights Ensign Students

Students at Ensign Elementary School have enjoyed a double dose of dance this month. The Repertory Dance Theater (RDT) dancers performed in an assembly for the entire school, matching their dance moves to whatever the announcer requested. At the end of the performance, students were invited to join in the performance both in the audience and on stage.

Individual K-3 classes have also been invited to learn and move with the RDT pedagogy program. Lynne Larson, Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of Utah and RDT Education Director, says the program teaches life skills such as: creative thinking, team work, cooperation, group movement, and how to think outside the box. It is also part of the state core curriculum. “It uses their imagination,” said Kristin Adams, a 2nd grade teacher at Ensign. “Every time, they really enjoy it.” Lots of smiles and laughter coming from the students prove her point.

*submitted by Polly Parkinson, Ensign Elementary

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