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Highland MESA Wins ECO Challenge

Congratulations to the Highland High School MESA Club who took on the ECO Challenge. Their efforts awarded them the first place ECO title and a $1,000 prize! The ECO Challenge is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)  program that invites high school students across the state to address real-world environmental challenges. In the fall, students meet professionals working in science and engineering careers from state agencies, industry, and non-profit organizations. They learn about the needs of these groups related to the challenge and spend the next several months designing and prototyping solutions to address the challenge in ways that make sense to them.

Some of the challenges included cooking with local foods, fashion design from reusable materials, and creative performance to teach and promote recycling. Students selected unique and authentic ways to contribute their ideas and solutions. On April 10, the students presented their products to industry representatives in the spring competition.

This year, the Community Challenge was “Small Steps, Big Difference.” The students worked with Gregory Libecci, our district Energy Resource Manager, to learn about energy usage at Highland. The students designed specific ways to reduce electricity and organized a school wide campaign to “Reduce the Juice” for one full day.  Students were able to compare and analyze energy usage and measure the impact that a few small changes can make in energy conservation.   

Thank you to our outstanding MESA students and advisors for making our world a cleaner and safer place to live.

  • Anna Smith 
  • Isabelle Nielsen
  • Serenity  Freasier
  • Madison Gonzales
  • Angie Kung
  • Jasper Thomas
  • Mason Garner 
  • Alex Leavitt
  • Winnie Yu
  • Yessy Perez
  • Valerie Luna Castillo
  • Jazlyn Luna Castillo
  • Justin Ashby
  • Janie Ontiveros
  • Dylan Klarich
  • Ezra Abalos
  • Ava Thomas
  • Emme Gardiner
  • Adam Stringham
  • Matan Siporin
  • Louis Reed
  • Jake Lawlor
  • Bonnie Bourgeous – MESA Advisor
  • Chelsea Fisher – MESA Advisor
  • Laura Adams – MESA Advisor

- submitted by Laura Adams at Highland High School

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