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Ron McBride Foundation Donation to Northwest

Today, through the efforts of the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Northwest Middle School, the Ron McBride Foundation gave $15,000 to Northwest to support the school's Healthy Learners Initiative. This partnership will help close the achievement gap by ensuring that all students have increased access to opportunities to engage in activities associated with being a healthy learner.

At Northwest, healthy learners are students who exhibit positive characteristics in the following areas:

  • Mind – academic development, positive mental health
  • Body – physical activity, nutritious food 
  • Social Interactions – friendship, meaningful connections with others

In order to best support the development of healthy learners in these areas, the school is following a plan emphasizing increased opportunities and rewards for students who engage in activities associated with being a healthy learner. First, Northwest will increase students’ access to activities outside the classroom. In the 2018-19 school year, they plan to introduce the following:

  • Academic Gameplan
  • Additional sections of Latinos In Action
  • Student Government
  • Additional sections of Techniques for Tough Times
  • Additional sections of Music Connections and Choir

In addition, the school already offers several other programs to support healthy learners.

  • Intramural sports (soccer, basketball, and volleyball)
  • Hartland Soccer partnership
  • Debate 
  • Mock Trial
  • Voices
  • AVID
  • Afterschool activities
  • Celebration of Dance
  • Cheerleading
  • Utah Food Bank food pantry

Northwest will implement a system designed to track students who take advantage of these offerings as well as identify those who may be falling into unhealthy patterns. This system will monitor students’ participation in activities, their GPA, connections with adults, and attendance. When students fall into unhealthy patterns, an intervention will occur in order to provide additional supports. Interventions will be determined by the administrative and counseling team based on the individual needs of each student. 

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