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Board Meeting Report

Late Start
The Board of Education discussed the creation of a Task Force to study the issues that may arise from implementing a late start for district high schools. The task force will include representatives from throughout the district to provide a comprehensive review of any associated challenges and opportunities.  The Superintendent and her staff will begin inviting people to be members of the task force.

The Board congratulated the district’s newest National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT). This group included new NBCTs and those who have renewed their certification. The Board also recognized the Transportation Association. Representatives from that employee association reported on how they support our students and schools.


Budget Development/Capital Projects 2020-21
Auxiliary Services Executive Director Paul Schulte presented a list of the proposed capital projects for the coming school year. The list was developed after each site was visited by a district team, consisting of representatives from all areas of the Auxiliary Services Department. The projects are prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • Life and safety
  • Building Integrity
  • Instructional needs
  • Discretionary projects


Policy Changes
Board members reviewed proposed changes to one policy and two sets of administrative procedures, all of which had been reviewed and discussed by the Board Policy Subcommittee.

  • Policy B-1: Board of Education Legal Status, Responsibilities, and Ethics – The Board reviewed the proposed changes and then discussed a couple of additions to the Board’s Statement of Ethics. The policy will go back to the Policy Subcommittee for discussion and come again to the full Board in a future meeting.
  • G-5: Administrative Procedures, District Reconfigurations and Long-Term School Closures – Board members have reviewed these procedures in previous meetings. This latest version includes suggestions from previous meetings. The Board expressed appreciation for the changes and voted to move this item to the Action Agenda.
  • G-24: Administrative Procedures, Gender Inclusion – The Board reviewed the changes made to these Administrative Procedures. The changes bring some of the language into more current use and allow employees to participate in the protections that are provided to students. Board members voted to also move this item to the Action Agenda.

Testing Fees for AP/IB
The Board of Education discussed the idea of reducing fees for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests or perhaps even making the fees waivable for low-income students. They discussed what district high schools are currently doing to help students who want to take the tests but can’t afford them. They asked the Superintendent to gather information on the number of tests taken at each school and to discuss the issue at a future Board meeting.

Non-Contract Employee Salaries and FTE for HUB Schools
Board members discussed a proposal to move money from the district Capital Budget to increase hourly pay for non-contract employees and to provide more teachers to schools that serve large numbers of special-education students. The Superintendent said the budget development process is underway and suggested that Board members may want to make issues like this one and the testing fees part of a larger discussion about funding priorities for the coming school year.

Superintendent and Business Administrator Search Process
Board members discussed the process for finding a new Superintendent and Business Administrator. They confirmed they wanted it to be an open and transparent process, and they debated the idea of hiring a consulting company to help conduct the search as they have done previously. The Board decided to wait until they could speak with their new legal counsel before moving forward.


New Legal Counsel
After reviewing details of the district’s thorough and comprehensive Request for Proposals process, the Board voted to retain the law firm of Burbidge and White to provide legal services for the Board of Education.

Administrative Procedures
The Board of Education voted to approve changes to the Administrative Procedures for Policy G-5: District Reconfigurations and Long-Term School Closures and Policy G-24: Gender Inclusion. Both were discussed earlier in the meeting then moved to the Action Agenda.

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