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Remote Learning and Grading



  • Elementary school students will still receive report cards for fourth term.
  • It is important for students to stay engaged in school. However, we know that every student has different circumstances. Remote learning may create challenges that are not present in the classroom. 
  • Our teachers have focused on essential standards during the dismissal. Because of this, some of the standards listed on the report card may not have enough data for the teacher to determine a grade.
    • Those standards will be indicated with a Q. 
    • The report card key will indicate that Term 3 was during the dismissal, and there was not enough data for this standard.
  • If you have questions about grading, please reach out to your student’s teacher(s) or principal. Please let us know how else we can support you and your student.


As we reach the end of the year, students and their families have choices for how they want their classes posted on their transcript for Term 4. The Salt Lake City School District wants to mitigate the impact of the school dismissal on student's records by allowing students and families to determine if a letter grade (A, B, C) or a "Pass" grade will best meet their academic and post-high school goals. We want to avoid a negative impact on a student's GPA as much as possible. 

For Term 4: 

  • No student will receive an 'F' grade. Instead, a student who has not earned credit will receive a No Grade (NG). This does not give credit, but it also does not have a negative impact a on grade point average (GPA).
  • No student will receive a 'D' grade. Instead, the student will receive a 'P' for Pass. This means they will receive credit for the class. A “Pass” grade does not help or hurt the student’s GPA.
  • A student may choose to receive a letter grade or a Pass 'P' grade.  
    • Choosing a P grade instead of a letter grade may help some students maintain a higher GPA. For example, a student who earned a B or a C in a course could choose to take a P instead. This decision should be made by students and families together.
    • In the past, for UHSAA athletics and activity eligibility for 1st term of next year, students needed to have no more than one grade of a P, NG, F or Incomplete 'I'.  We hope that more than one 'P' will be allowed next year, but no official communication has been sent out. For this reason, we encourage families to choose what is best for their students.  
  • Students and families will choose the grading option they want in each online CANVAS class. The choice can be changed based on the needs of each student through communication with your teacher until the teacher posts final grades. Your school will be in communication with you about dates and the process. The deadline has been extended from our first communication about grades on April 22, 2020, because we have determined Canvas is an efficient way to connect the choice to the course.

If you have questions about your student's grade in a class, please contact their teacher. If you would like additional information about how a "P" or letter grade may affect your student, please contact their counselor.


  • We have heard the feedback from students, families, and teachers about the amount of work for students during the school dismissal. 
  • District administrators and teachers are implementing a plan that will continue to provide opportunities for students to learn, but in more manageable and realistic amounts of time. 
  • . Please note the link will take you to a document in English. We are working right now on getting translations into the other primary languages spoken by families in our school district. We will post the translated PDFs as soon as we receive them from our translators and will also send them to you in our daily update when they are posted.
  • Thank you for continuing to reach out and provide feedback during this unique time.
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