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Highlights from the Board of Education Meeting

Consent Agenda

The Board of Education approved all items on the Consent Agenda, including three policies that were moved to the discussion agenda for further review and then subsequently approved.

Study Session

The Board of Education reviewed the upcoming Late Start Listening Tour. They discussed how the late start information should be presented and the format for next week’s meetings.


Escalante Elementary

Principal Haloti Liava’a and Assistant Principal Kody Colvin reported on the great things happening at Escalante Elementary. The reviewed the school’s academic performance, including areas where they are focusing on making improvements and areas where they have seen great success.


The Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Tiffany Hall, and ELP Supervisor Michele Riggs reported on the work being done in the Extended Learning Program and about Advanced Placement classes in our high schools. They were joined by the International Baccalaureate supervisors from West High School and Highland High School, who gave Board members a review of the IB programs at both schools.

Social and Emotional Learning

The Executive Director of Educational Equity and Student Success, Sandra Buendia, and Emily Sutherland, the Director of Social and Emotional Learning, gave the Board an update on the district social and emotional learning (SEL) plans and framework. They reviewed the progress they have seen in the schools and the results from a recent SEL survey.


Policy G5

Board members discussed proposed changes to Policy G-5: School Reconfigurations. Additional changes to the policy were discussed. The Board Policy Sub-committee will review the suggestions and bring the policy back to the Board at a later date.

High School Family Support Coordinator

The Board of Education reviewed a proposal to hire a full-time family support coordinator at East, Highland, and West. Board members then moved the proposal to the action agenda and subsequently approved it.


Listening Tour Preparation

The Board further discussed the upcoming late start meetings. They directed the Superintendent and district leadership to prepare materials for the meetings and find moderators to lead each meeting.


Links to many of the reports shared with the Board of Education can be found on the link to meeting agenda

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