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Board Meeting Report - November 1, 2022

On Tuesday, November 1, the Salt Lake City Board of Education (the Board) held its first public meeting of the month. The meeting began with two Board recognitions, one for Utah Teacher of the Year Finalist Elise Maxwell and one for National Hispanic Heritage Month.


The Board heard a report on a proposed renovation of the Rose Park Community Learning Center. The renovation would improve services for the community and includes an option to build more classroom space. The Salt Lake Education Foundation anticipates the cost of the renovation can be covered by private donations and is not asking the Board or district for funding.

The second report was a proposal to build a student health center at West High School. The health center would be in partnership with the University of Utah and would provide physical and mental health services for students, with parent support. The school would move its existing family resource center to be near the health center, as well. The district, the Salt Lake Education Foundation, and the University of Utah will work to get more information on costs and funding sources.


The Board reviewed a recommendation to increase athletic coaches’ salaries to meet current market levels. This proposal was initially heard and discussed by the Board in a previous meeting. Board members moved the proposal to the action agenda and approved it, with funding to come from an unfilled administrative position.

The Board discussed a proposal to name a mascot for Salt Lake Virtual Elementary. The online school followed the policy process for choosing a mascot, and the most popular option was a fox. The Board moved the proposal to action and approved the new mascot – the Salt Lake Virtual Elementary foxes.