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Temporary District Office

front of the temporary district office

During the second week of May, the district administrative offices will be moving to a new, temporary location four blocks south of our current building.

The move is necessary to accommodate the construction of a new district administration building. The age of the current building has led to a growing number of maintenance problems, and the current building does not meet seismic standards, which poses a significant danger to employees in the event of an earthquake. Fortunately, we have been saving and planning wisely for this new construction for many years, and there will be no need for bonds or tax increases to pay for the new administration building. 

  • If you need to visit the district office, the temporary building is located at
    465 South 400 East
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
  • If you need to mail something to the district office, please use the traditional address. All mail will be automatically forwarded to  the correct location.
    440 East 100 South
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

We anticipate being at this temporary location for two years while the district office is being rebuilt at its traditional location.