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Superintendent’s Blog - November 29, 2022

Welcome back to the Superintendent’s Blog. Today’s entry features two questions, one from an employee and another from a parent.

QUESTION: Can we (the district) create an administrative intern program for employees in the district that want to pursue administration and gain the experience needed to be school leaders?

ANSWER: The district does have an administrative internship program. Interested candidates can fill out an application and speak with Nathan Elkins or Logan Hall in Human Resource Services about the process. Click here to access the Administrative Internship Application:

QUESTION: Is there anything that the district could do to help promote the arts?

ANSWER: Salt Lake City School District is committed to educating the whole child, and the arts are an important component of student learning. In fact, our district is one of the only districts along the Wasatch Front who hires full-time, certified, and endorsed music teachers so that formal music education can begin in 4th grade. Additionally, all elementary students participate in direct arts instruction through the Beverly Taylor Sorensen Arts program. K-12 students in our district travel regularly to local museums, concerts, and performances through our many community arts partners.

We have seen a dip in enrollment when it comes to music and theater classes specifically. In an effort to attract students of all backgrounds, teachers are constantly working on keeping curriculum and content current and engaging. For example, the district is exploring additional courses like production classes, where students learn how to record and produce music, podcasts, etc.

Decisions on which arts programs are offered and funded at each school are made at the school level. To keep these programs in place and growing, be sure to voice your support for these programs at your school. You may also wish to consider serving on your School Community Council so that you have input into how programs are funded.

Lastly, different schools offer different programs. If you are interested in a specific arts program but your school does offer that program, be sure to check out the fine arts offerings at other schools through the open-enrollment webpage.