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Test to Stay

nurse working with COVID tests

Test to Stay program at high schools

When the number of active COVID-19 cases at one of our traditional high schools – East, Highland, or West – reaches the point where we need to consider transitioning to remote learning (when 1% of our in-person students test positive for COVID), the affected school will implement a Test to Stay program.

Test to Stay programs have been used successfully at schools throughout the state. We view this is as one more tool to help keep our students, community, and school staff safe, but testing is not mandatory.

Students who participate in Test to Stay

  • Your school will provide free rapid antigen testing, and your school will determine when and how to offer testing and share that information with students, teachers, and staff. All test results must be reported to the Utah Department of Health.
  • Students who test positive, even if they have no symptoms, must isolate at home and transition to remote learning. They may return to in-person learning after they are done with their isolation period.
  • Students may continue in-person learning if
    • they test negative;
    • have no symptoms; and
    • have not had close contact with an individual who has tested positive.

Students who choose to not participate in Test to Stay

  • Students may continue in-person learning, unless:
    • fewer than 60% of students in the school participate in the testing; or
    • the percent of positive tests among those who participated (called percent positive) is 2.5% or greater.

Special Circumstances

Students with special health care needs may be unable to participate in testing. Parents should work with their child's healthcare provider and the school to review testing options

In rare circumstances, a student who is unable to participate in testing may be allowed to attend school. The decision will be made by the school district after consultation with the school nurse, local health department, student's parent/guardian, and the student's healthcare provider.

Consent to Test

Parents, not students, must fill out and complete the consent form before testing. By doing so, you give consent for your child to be tested for the duration of the school year. The consent form can be filled out online via the REDCAP system. The link will be provided by your student’s school. Parents only need to complete the consent form once. If you have previously filled out the consent form for a previous rapid test, including Test to Play or Test to Start, you do not have to complete it again.