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Test to Stay

nurse working with COVID tests

What is Test to Stay?

Test to Stay is a program designed to provide COVID-19 testing to students once a school reaches a certain level of active cases. Those thresholds are:

  • Schools with 1,500 or more students have 2% of their students test positive for COVID 19 within the previous 14 days.
  • Schools with fewer than 1,500 students have 30 students test positive for COVID 19 within the previous 14 days.

Our district and schools will be formally notified by the Salt Lake County Health Department if a school reaches their Test to Stay threshold. The school will then send information to parents informing them when the COVID-19 testing will take place. 

How do students participate in Test to Stay?

In the Test to Stay program, COVID-19 testing will be available to all students in the school, and state law requires a negative test to continue with in-person learning

  • Students who test negative:
    • May continue attending school in person.
  • Students who test positive:
    • Must isolate at home, even if they have no symptoms or are fully vaccinated.
    • They may return to school if at least 5 days have passed,  have no symptoms or symptoms have improved, and there has been no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.  
  • Students who are not tested:
    • Must quarantine at home for 5 days.
    • They may return to school on the 6th day if they have no symptoms or as soon as they get a negative test result
  • All students must wear masks while at school to comply with the current mask order. 

Parent Permission

We cannot test students until their parents/guardians have completed the School COVID-19 Testing Registration form. We ask that you please fill out this form and give your student(s) permission to be tested at school. The quicker we identify which students have COVID-19, the faster we can respond and take steps to keep other students safe and healthy.

You should know a few things as you complete this testing form.

  • If you do not have Internet access or need help accessing the form in a language besides English, please go to your school’s main office for assistance.  
  • Parents must complete the consent form. Students may not complete this form.   
  • By filling out this form, parents give consent for their child to be tested for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year. This means if your child needs to be tested more than once, you will not need to fill out a form every time.

Special Circumstances

Students with special health care needs may be unable to participate in testing. Parents should work with their child's healthcare provider and the school to review testing options. In rare circumstances, a student who is unable to participate in testing may be allowed to attend school. The decision will be made by the school district after consultation with the school nurse, local health department, student's parent/guardian, and the student's healthcare provider.